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Can Great Britain's electricity future work?

Are GB's emissions from electricity generation still falling? A lot depends on getting rid of coal and gas. >>

Are GB emissions still falling?

GB emissions have been falling, but is that coming to end? Will they actually increase again?

Coal won't go

Why is it proving so difficult to get rid of coal? Why do so many people keep telling us it's almost gone?

Can CCGT Gas go?

Is there any plausible evidence that generation from CCGT Gas can end by 2037?

How is the GB Grid performing? What should we see changing as renewables take over? >>

How is GB wind performing? What are the problems with wind power in GB? >>

Extended wind lulls

GB often experiences extended wind lulls. What is an extended lull and how often do they happen?

Here are some news stories you may have missed >>

Coal saves the day

It looked as though wind had reached a new milestone, but it was coal that had to save the day.

Global Wind Day

RenewableUK usually celebrates Global Wind Day. But in June 2020 wind didn't turn up.

Wind lulls in 2021

With increased wind capacity in 2021, why were there more wind lulls?

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GB has established hydroelectric sources, but we can't really achieve much more by 2050.

Marine projects

Significant increases in energy from marine sources are anticipated. Which projects are these?

Electric vehicles

Migration from petrol and diesel cars to electric ones is under way. What can be achieved by 2030?