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The data sources we use

The National Grid

Outlook & forecast - Future

Demand data is available from the National Grid ESO website.

You can find the National Grid Future Energy Scenarios (FES) documents and figures here.

Drax Electric Insights

Live data - Now

Drax Electric Insights is an interactive website that provides live data and analysis on the supply, demand, price and environmental impact of the UK's electricity.


Historical data - Past

Historical data is available from the National Grid Elexon website. This site provides detailed data on the source of power.

If you would like to check our historical data - or to find some more - click on the link, select Generation and then Generation By Fuel Type in the Actual Generation category. You can specify a date range and view or export the numbers you are interested in.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes there are data missing from the Elexon historical data. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen. If you review the Elexon data you will see that occasionally the data for one or more half hour periods are missing, or obviously incorrect. When this happens, we use linear interpolation to estimate the missing values. Since the beginning of 2018 this has happened about 10 times. There seems no better alternative to this element of interpolation/estimation. It is only done when the data are clearly "missing", rather than in situations where (for example) a generation source has suddenly stopped generating! As far as we are aware, all other analyses based on Elexon data use the same or a similar approach. The missing data typically covers a small number of half hour periods.

Ofgem Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) records

Historical data - Past

Use the Ofgem reporting facility to get details of monthly generation data for any generation facility that is subject to the ROCs scheme.

One way of doing this is to use the Accredited Station feature first to determine the Accreditation No. of the facility you are interested in, then to use this with the Certificates option to determine the generation data for any period of time. In both cases make sure that you set the Technology Group value to the appropriate value, e.g. On-shore Wind.

Sheffield Solar

Solar data

Forecast, live data and historical data related to solar power can be found at Sheffield Solar.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Lifecycle emissions data

Tables showing lifecycle emissions and their consituents for various electricity supply technologies can be found at IPCC Annex III.